As many of our clients and partners will be aware, we have been working with Feeding Hong Kong, a local food bank charity, for over a year now.

Feeding Hong Kong takes surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away, and redistributes that food to charities feeding people in need all across Hong Kong.  The statistics are staggering – over 3200 tons of food are placed in landfill in Hong Kong every day, supermarkets dispose of 29 tons of edible food every day, at the same time as 1/5th of the population of Hong Kong live in poverty and 1/3rd of senior citizens in Hong Kong are unable to meet their basic nutritional needs.

Feeding Hong Kong has done tremendous work in reducing food waste by obtaining agreement from over 140 suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and supermarkets to donate food that would otherwise be discarded, and redistributing that food to over 60 charities in Hong Kong.  Feeding Hong Kong now receives 32 tons of food per month,  equivalent to 72,000 meals serving over 20,000 people in need.

We are very proud that all our staff are involved on a regular basis and, during the 3rd Annual Volunteers’ Gathering, in recognition of our commitment Feeding Hong Kong presented us with a Certificate of Appreciation for our support.  We are continuing to work with Feeding Hong Kong as part of our involvement with the local community and we are very grateful for the opportunity to play our part in a local and global issue.

If you would like to find out more about our involvement with the community or, indeed, Feeding Hong Kong and how you can become involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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