Latitude coordinates the First Shipping Food Drive for Feeding Hong Kong

In June, Latitude Brokers coordinated the First Shipping Food Drive for Feeding Hong Kong. Feeding Hong Kong work  with food retailers, distributors and manufacturers to rescue surplus that would otherwise be discarded and re-distribute it to the people in need. But from week to week, the volumes of food donated to Feeding Hong Kong go up and down and the ...

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Singapore Insurance market – recent moves

As we “predicted” in our earlier blog, the ongoing consolidation would give rise to further changes and create opportunities for new leaders to emerge as well as new entrants to the Asian market continuing to focus on Singapore as their base. At the Lloyd’s new office opening party in Singapore recently, there were over 300 underwriters and brokers, many of ...

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Our (very concise) View on P&I and H&M for 2015

We were kindly asked by Tradewinds to give a short overview of how we see the H&M and P&I market in 2015.  Here’s what we said in Tradewinds 9 January 2015 edition: “P&I The main themes for 2015 are diversification, regulatory effects, fixed premium and the Nairobi Convention.  Diversification of IG Clubs’ product base continues, the latest being Standard Syndicate ...

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