Oil and shipping markets on edge after South China Sea ruling – Our Comments

Full story from Reuters can be found here or at www.reuters.com “Global oil and shipping markets reacted nervously on Tuesday after an international arbitration court ruled against Beijing’s claims across large swathes of the South China Sea, fuelling geopolitical tensions in the vital waterway. A tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands, found China had breached the sovereign rights of the Philippines ...

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Iran Sanctions lifted on 16 January 2016 aka Implementation Day (updated)

Further to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (“JCPOA”) agreed  on 14th July 2015, the EU and the United States agreed on 16th January 2016 to partially lift the nuclear-related sanctions against Iran. Whilst operators are certainly eager to engage in commercial activities with Iran, the 2nd largest economy in the region, it is critical first to review the extend ...

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Iran Sanctions being lifted…but still in place (Updated 3 Sept 15)

Update 3 September 2015: As the US moves towards congressional approval of the deal with Iran, timelines are becoming a little clearer now.  Whilst, as at today’s update, the sanctions remain fully in place it appears more likely that the deal will be approved by the US, then the UN and, of course, Iran. At the same time, there appears ...

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Cuban Sanctions – Cargo Insurance

Given the US and Cuba are restarting their diplomatic relationship, the sanctions that have been in place for over 50 years are anticipated to be softened and finally extinguished completely.  Whilst regular trade to/from Cuba has been complicated and rare until now, this is set to change and quickly – so how does is your insurance affected? Cargo Insurance Cargo insurances often (but ...

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