Gard has announced that they will be seeking individual increases on P&I entries, instead of a General Increase, to progress towards their 102.5% Combined Ratio objective for 2021.

The Club has also confirmed that they will not be calling the full premium for 2019, and instead grant a 5% reduction on the ETC for this year.

In addition the Club will will switch from providing reduction on ETC after the end of the policy year when possible to offering an Owners’ General Discount on the ETC for the upcoming policy year. For 2021, the Owners’ General Discount is set at 5% of the 2021 ETC, as detailed in the Club’s circular.

Release calls for open policy years are:

2018: 5%

2019: 5%

2020: 10%

2021: 10%

The Club’s circular is available on their website for full details.