The Japan P&I Club has announced 10% General increase on P&I Advance Call rates and FD&D premiums for 2022 renewal, with estimated supplementary calls set at 40% for P&I and 20% for FD&D as per previous years.

Charterers entries will also be subject to 10% General Increase in Premium.

In addition Members’ rates will be adjusted according to their own records.

With regards to open years, the supplementary calls have either been paid, and no further call is expected or are maintained at the original budgeted level.

The Club also advises that the basis of the Calls will be changed to Mutual Premium system, whilst no further details provided at this stage.

The Release calls are confirmed as follows:

2019/20: 5% for P&I and 25% for FD&D

2020/21: 5% for P&I and 25% for FD&D

2021/22: 45% for P&I and 25% for FD&D

2022/23: 45% for P&I and 25% for FD&D

Full details of the Club’s announcement are available in their Circular.