Shipowners P&I Club 2015 General Increase announced

The Shipowners’ P&I Club has announced a “nil” general increase for the 2015 renewal following the issuance of a strong half-year report. The report (unaudited) shows a higher gross earned premium versus the same point last year despite the club’s withdrawal from the Pacific North West fishing sector. The underwriting shows a small policy year surplus to date and improvements ...

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Steamship Mutual P&I 2015 General Increase announced

The Steamship Mutual P&I Club has decided not to seek a general increase on any class of business in 2015/16. The club’s decision seems largely influenced by its improving financial position amid continued downwards pressure on its members’ earnings. The strengthening of the club’s finances is related to an improvement in back year claims together with a moderate claims experience in ...

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Britannia P&I Club 2015 General Increase announced

Britannia has announced an 2.5% general increase on the advance call for the 2015 P&I renewal. The club circular points to an “encouraging claims background” and “continued financial strength” as the guiding factors for its decision. Adjustments in ‘excess of loss’ reinsurance costs will continue to be passed on to the members although there will be no increase in the ...

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