Our Team

Our team has experience working for ship operators, logistics providers, international and local insurance brokers, insurers, P&I Clubs, law firms, claims consultants and ship brokers. We believe our focus, depth of knowledge and experience in the maritime and offshore industries are a valuable asset to our clients’ business.

We have a young, enthusiastic team of marine insurance professionals all working closely with the senior management in an open plan environment.

Latitude Brokers is recruiting Marine Insurance Brokers (Senior and junior roles available) in Hong Kong and Singapore and a Personal Assistant in Hong Kong ! Apply at [email protected].


Hong Kong

Kevin Overton
Kevin joins us as Director of Yachts. After 11 years working at a leading marine syndicate in Lloyd’s of London, Kevin moved to Hong Kong in 1992, where he held senior positions as Hull Underwriter and Broker, before specialising in the Yacht market in 2003. Kevin is a keen boater, both sailing and motor yachts.

[email protected]
Tel: +852 2154 2247
Mobile: +852 6597 6176


Hong Kong

Michael So
Michael is Hong Kong Broking Manager working with Vanessa Toucas on H&M, CHL and Marine Liabilities. Michael has been with us since Latitude started, having previously worked with Cooper Gay Hong Kong and another marine insurance broker.

[email protected]
Mobile: +852 6021 9181

Wendy Jiang
Wendy is Senior Reinsurance Broker working with Andrew Brooker placing Cargo and Freight Forwarder’s Liabilities. Wendy previously worked with an insurance broker in Hong Kong handling cargo business.

[email protected]
Tel: +852 2154 2203
Mobile: +852 6027 8392

Oska Cheng
Oska is a Senior Broker working with Vanessa Toucas on H&M, CHL and P&I. Oska worked with us previously and is well known to many of our operator clients.

[email protected]
Mobile: +852 9196 6876

Tejas Potnis
Tejas obtained his degree in maritime studies from The HK Poly-U and has honed his skills through five years of maritime industry experience. He is working with Vanessa Toucas as an Associate Broker on H&M, CHL and P&I.

[email protected]
Tel: +852 2154 2248


Ashish Ojha
Following graduation from the Singapore Institute of Management, Ashish spent 10 years with MS First Capital insurance in Singapore focusing on marine. For the first 6 years Ashish was working within the Claims Department before moving to the Underwriting side. Ashish is now Senior Broker, handling H&M, P&I and Charterers Liability.

[email protected]
Tel: +65 6692 2384
Mobile: +65 9005 6214

James Gargrave
James joins us as P&I Director, following 13 years as an Underwriter in London at IG Clubs and in a specialist fixed premium liability market, including on the Yachts side. James is focusing on our P&I and Charterers Liability portfolio across the region, working closely with the teams both in Singapore and Hong Kong.

[email protected]
Tel: +65 6980 7206
Mobile: +65 8230 2425

Jade Ng
Jade has a background in the general insurance industry, including in underwriting and is working as an Associate Broker in the Singapore team.

[email protected]
Tel: +65 6980 7205
Mobile: +65 8468 0112


Lilien Lim
Lilien has joined us as a Claims Manager and has close to 10 years experience handling Marine claims in Chubb and Canopius in Singapore. Prior to this, Lilien was working for an international commodities trader in their insurance department, assisting on both placement and claims.

[email protected]
Tel: +65 6980 7210
Mobile: +65 8118 4202

Vivian Lee
Vivian has a background in Aviation, and is working as a Claims Associate.

[email protected]
Tel: +852 2154 2256

Leroy Cheng
Leroy has a background in the automobile industry and is joining us as a Claims Administrator.

[email protected]
Tel: +852 2154 2261


Alice Chan
Alice is a Senior Operations Administrator.

[email protected]
Tel: +852 2154 2256

Emily Lee
Emily joined us from a Lloyds Marine syndicate in Hong Kong and is working as a Senior Operations Administrator

[email protected]
Tel: +852 2154 2252

Kenneth Liu
Kenneth has a background in Chemistry and Quality Control. He is joining us as an Operations Administrator

[email protected]
Tel: +852 2154 2128

Catherine Yip
Catherine is joining us from another boutique Insurance Brokers as an Operations Administrator.

[email protected]
Tel: +852 2154 2237


Winnie Yen
Winnie is our Head of Finance with over 10 years’ experience in insurance broking in Asia and North America, and over 20 years’ in finance. Winnie is responsible for everything finance related at Latitude and is a Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada and a FCPA Australia.

[email protected]
Tel: +852 2154 2241

Deborah Chen
Deborah is our Credit Controller. She was previously working in the finance team of an international marine insurance broker for more than 6 years prior to joining Latitude. Deborah is a qualified CPA Australia.

[email protected]
Tel: +852 2154 2127

Joyce Au Yeung
Joyce is our Accountant. She has more than 10 years general accounting and financial reporting experiences. Prior to joining Latitude, she worked for an international marine insurance broker in Hong Kong.

[email protected]
Tel: +852 2154 2242


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