We apply our collective expertise in risk management and insurance with access to global markets to create comprehensive, competitive risk solutions and services that respond to your needs in an ever-changing commercial environment.

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Our clients come from the entire spectrum of the marine, shipping and offshore industries.

  • Ship Operators
  • Tug & Barge Operators
  • Cargo Owners
  • Commodity Traders
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Port & Terminal Operators
  • Brokers
  • Offshore Contractors

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We work with global market insurers to provide sound solutions that meet the changing needs of operating a business in a marine environment.

Marine Covers

  • P&I, FDD and Time-Charterer’s Liability
  • Commodity Trader’s Specialist Covers
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Marine Liabilities
  • Marine Hull Insurance
  • Ancillary Insurances
Latitude Brokers | Protection & Indemnity Insurance
Offshore Liability Covers

  • Drilling and Production
  • Specialist Operations
  • Salvor’s Extensions
  • Contractual Liability Cover
Latitude Brokers | Offshore Drilling & Production

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Latitude offers facultative support for marine hull, cargo and liability risks.

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Latitude Brokers | Reinsurance
Although we are insurance brokers first and foremost, we have many years’ experience working with the wider marine industry and have built a strong network of trusted partners. For many clients, finding the right company or individual to assist them can be time consuming and challenging – especially when assistance is required outside of usual operations. We can help. We would be pleased to provide introductions, recommendations or a range of options on matters such as pre-purchase vessel inspections, political risk advisers, armed security personnel, chartering or S&P brokers, sourcing tugs for towage or salvage, among just a few. We neither charge for this service nor receive a fee—we are simply pleased to provide additional help to our clients, often at very short notice, to ensure their businesses can operate with minimal disruption. Please contact us to discuss whatever you may require.

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