Iran Sanctions being lifted…but still in place (Updated 3 Sept 15)

Update 3 September 2015: As the US moves towards congressional approval of the deal with Iran, timelines are becoming a little clearer now.  Whilst, as at today’s update, the sanctions remain fully in place it appears more likely that the deal will be approved by the US, then the UN and, of course, Iran. At the same time, there appears ...

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The New Marine Insurance Act 2015 (sadly now just called the Insurance Act 2015)

It’s fair to say that Marine Insurance isn’t well known for its rapid evolutionary pace. The Marine Insurance Act 1906 codified in law the practices at the time, which themselves dated back another 200 years in some parts.  ‘Fast’ forward another 110 years and the new Insurance Act 2015 (no longer the Marine Insurance Act) will finally become law in ...

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Hong Kong to change Insurance Regulator

Currently, Hong Kong’s Commissioner of Insurance via the Insurance Authority grants approval to both the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers (HKCIB) and the Professional Insurance Brokers’ Association (PIBA) to conduct oversight and self-regulation of insurance brokers and agents in Hong Kong.  Latitude Brokers is a member of the HKCIB. For some time now, the Insurance Authority has been in consultation ...

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