Press Release: Latitude Brokers launches PILOT

Latitude Brokers launches Hong Kong, 29 November 2016 – Latitude Brokers, the Asia based marine insurance specialist, have launched PILOT – the first online P&I Club comparison tool. In time for the 2017 P&I renewal season, PILOT distils critical information for each IG Club in to an efficient, live and interactive format allowing owners to easily compare their Club’s performance, ...

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North of England announces nil General Increase for 2017 and 5% Credit on 2016 year (Updated)

Updated 26 November 2016 Since the below announcement by the Club, they have clarified that the premium credit for 2016 is not conditional upon renewing in 2017.  However, for Members who do renew, the premium credit will be offset against the first instalment for 2017/8. The North of England has announced they will not be seeking a general increase in ...

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UK P&I Club announces 3% return on 2015/16 and Nil General Increase for 2017 renewal

The UK P&I Club, in line with all other IG Clubs so far has announced that they will not be seeking a General Increase across their Membership, but will focus on individual performance and records. The standard deductible will be increased to from USD10,000 to USD12,000 per event from 20 February 2017. At the same time, the Club will return ...

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