NorthStandard’s Coastal and Inland Class announces no General Increase on mutual entries for the 14th consecutive year. 10% increase to apply to fixed premium entries.

In addition to confirming no General Increase to apply to the Club’s mutual entries Coastal and Inland have also confirmed that any international group reinsurance increases will be absorbed by the class. Deductibles will however be reviewed on a case by case basis. For Members entered on a fixed premium basis a 10% premium increase will apply. No release calls ...

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NorthStandard announces 5% General Increase for first renewal post merger

The Board of the newly formed NorthStandard have advised that whilst the Club performances in terms of claims and investment are as per projections, external factors such as geopolitical instability and inflation continue to require some adjustment in premium levels to preserve the Club’s financial position. The Club has therefore declared a 5% General Increase in premium rates for 2024 ...

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