As announced last year, the Club is not applying General Increase anymore, however following the Board meeting last week, Britannia has advised that they will be seeking to increase the Club’s current ETC levels for 2021 renewal, by way of  reviewing Member’s individual record, with any adjustment in the IG Reinsurance programme cost being passed on to Members.

Minimum P&I deductibles are increased as follows:

USD5,000 for crew claims

USD16,000 for cargo claims

USD10,000 for other claims

Deferred Calls for opened years 2018/19 and 2019/20 will be collected in full.

In addition, the Club will re-distribute a further USD10 million to their mutual P&I Members. Details of the capital redistribution is available in Britannia’s Renewal summary

Release call percentages are as follows:

2018/19: Nil

2019/20: 5%

2020/21: 7.5%

2021/22: 15%

With regards to the FD&D class, release call percentages are updated:

2017/18: Nil

2018/19: Nil

2019/20: 5%

2020/21: 10%

2021/22: 20%

Britannia’s full position for 2021 renewal is detailed in their Circular.