SOP to apply 10% General Increase to Yacht and increases on Dry Cargo for 2023

Following a few years of General Increase and positive Underwriting results, the Club has announced that they will take a differentiated approach across the Membership with regards to 2023 renewal, reflecting sector-specific claims trends: the Club will not seek a General Increase across all entries, but have announced that a 10% General Increase will be applied to Yacht and increases ...

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UK P&I Club calls for 10% GI for 2023 renewal

The Board of the Club has set the general increase for 2023 renewal at 10% on all mutual premium rates, with Members with adverse claims record to expect higher increases. The standard deductible will remain at USD15,000, but again Members with adverse claims may see the upwards adjustment to their deductibles. Any change in the cost of the IG reinsurance ...

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Gard confirms Owner’s General Discount for 2023

Following the Club’s interim results as at 20 August 2022, the Club has advised of satisfactory underwriting results with 85% Combined Ratio Net, but as other Clubs disappointing investment performance. The Club’s overall financial position remains very strong, and therefore they have confirmed the 5% Owner’s General Discount on 2023 ETC. At the same time, the focus on balanced underwriting ...

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Joint War Committee updates War Listed Areas on 7th March 2022

On 7th March 2022, the Joint War Committee have updated the Hull War, Piracy, Terrorism and Related Listed Areas to JWLA-029: Amended: Europe 1.Sea of Azov and Black Sea waters enclosed by the following boundaries a) On the west, around Romanian waters, from the Ukraine-Romania border at 45° 10.858’N, 29° 45.929’E to high seas point 45° 11.325’N, 29° 51.140’E b) ...

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