Britannia P&I Club, managed by Tindall Riley, has announced an 2.5% general increase on the Advance Call for the 2016 P&I renewal, with the Deferred Call remaining at 45%. Adjustments in ‘excess of loss’ reinsurance costs will continue to be passed on to the members although there will be no increase in the minimum deductibles required.

In addition, the Club announced they will only call 37.5% of a budgeted 40% Deferred P&I Call for the 2014/5 policy year.  This is in addition to the 5% already waived last year, reducing the Deferred Call from 45% to 37.5% for that year.

The Club also announced that there would be no general increase in the Advance Call for the Defence class, with the Deferred Call remaining at 30%.

Release Call percentages for open P&I policy years were set as follows:

2016/7 – 15%

2015/6  – 7.5%

2014/5 – 5%*

2013/4 – 0%

The Club’s full circular can be found here or on their website.