As Britannia is opening the round of P&I announcements for 2020/21 renewals, the Club has decided to follow in the footstep of Skuld and to not seek General Increase across their membership anymore, starting from 20 February 2020 for both P&I and FD&D. Rates will be reviewed and adjusted based on each Member’s individual record only, with any adjustment in the IG Reinsurance programme cost being passed on to Members.

Minimum deductibles remain unchanged.

The Club will refer to Estimated Total Call (ETC) from 20 February 2020, as most other Clubs, and annual premium will be collected in 3 equal instalments.

In addition, the Club will re-distribute a further USD15 million to their mutual P&I Members.

Release call percentages are as follows:

2017/18: Nil

2018/19: 5%

2019/20: 7.5%

2020/21: 15%

Full details of the Club’s decision, as well as the capital redistribution is available in their circular.

Please refer to the FD&D circular for specific information regarding this class.