The following is solely in respect of the Mutual P&I entries and excludes FD&D, fixed premium entries and charterer’s liability.  The headline General Increase numbers are as follows and will be updated as each Club announces:

American Club – 2.5%

Britannia – 2.5%

Gard – 2.5%

Japan – 3%

London – 5%

North of England – 2.5%

Shipowners – 0%

Skuld – (not applicable)

Standard – 2.5%

Steamship – 0%

Swedish – 0%

UK – 2.5%

West of England – 0%

We recommend that the full details of each Club’s announcement be reviewed, which can be found in our blog.  It is also relevant to note that some Clubs apply the GI to the Advanced Call whereas others apply it to the Estimated Total Call so the numbers announced do need to be carefully understood to be compared properly.

In addition, some Clubs apply the GI to any additional Group Reinsurance costs (which are yet to be finalized) and there are also changes in the way that GXL premium is being accounted for which could have a negative effect on records.  The point being, the headline numbers should not be taken in isolation as the comparison is not straight forward and each Member’s position needs to be reviewed.

Please contact us for advice on your upcoming P&I renewal.