Another round of supplementary calls and 10% Overall increase in 2023 for American Club Membership

The Club has announced that in order to address the negative development of 2021 Policy year re pool claims and retained exposure, they will levy a 30% unbudgeted supplementary call on 2021 P&I premium, to be collected in October 2023 and January 2024. Furthermore the Club has decided not to have any standardized, or general increase for year 2023. Instead, ...

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American Club announces nil General Increase for 2019

The American P&I Club has announced that no General Increase will apply to both P&I and FDD classes at the upcoming renewal, citing the need to be sympathetic towards shipowners who continue to be faced by a challenging shipping market, coupled with a favourable development with respect to the club’s claims in the current year. There will be no deductible ...

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Overview of 2016 IG P&I Club General Increases (Final)

The following is solely in respect of the Mutual P&I entries and excludes FD&D, fixed premium entries and charterer’s liability.  The headline General Increase numbers are as follows and will be updated as each Club announces: American Club – 2.5% Britannia – 2.5% Gard – 2.5% Japan – 3% London – 5% North of England – 2.5% Shipowners – 0% Skuld – (not applicable) ...

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American Club 2016 General Increase announced

The American Club, managed by the Shipowners Claims Bureau, has announced a 2.5% General Increase for mutual and fixed P&I entries for 2016. The Club has announced there will be no General Increase on their FD&D Class, both fixed and mutual. Deductibles have been increased as follows: All deductibles below USD10,000 will be increased by USD1000; Crew deductibles shall be minimum ...

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American Club latest to diversify in to H&M

The American P&I Club, managed by the Shipowners Claims Bureau Inc, is the latest P&I Club to diversify into the hull and machinery market. Shipowners Claims Bureau (SCB) have announced the opening of the American Hellenic Hull Insurance Company, based in Cyprus, but underwriting from Piraeus.  SCB have joined with the Hellenic Hull Mutual and, subject to regulatory approval, will move their ...

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