The American Club, managed by the Shipowners Claims Bureau, has announced a 2.5% General Increase for mutual and fixed P&I entries for 2016.

The Club has announced there will be no General Increase on their FD&D Class, both fixed and mutual.

Deductibles have been increased as follows:

  • All deductibles below USD10,000 will be increased by USD1000;
  • Crew deductibles shall be minimum USD7500
  • SCOPIC claims deductible increased to USD50,000
  • Unrecoverable proportion of GA from Cargo interests for vessels over 15 years of age to be minimum deductible of USD50,000

Release Calls have been updated as follows:

2015/6 – 20%

2014/5 – 12.5%

2013/4 – 7.5%

The Club’s full circular can be found here on their the American Club website.