Gard has determined that whilst P&I premiums will have to be increased for 2022 policy year, they will not apply a General Increase at 20 February, but instead they will adjust individual rates based on risk and claim performance. Notwithstanding the increase, the Club will provide a 5% Owners’ General Discount on the thus agreed 2022 ETC.

Any increase in the costs of the IG reinsurance programme will be passed onto Members.

With regards to the open policy years:

2019/20: to be closed in Oct 2022 with ETC 5% below original and Release call 5%

2020/21: to be closed in 2023 with ETC 10% below original and Release call 5%

2021/22: 5% Owners’ general Discount to be maintained and Release call 10%
2022/23: Release call 10%

Details of the Club announcement can be found in their Circular.