Prompted by the recent reduction in the Indian Ocean High Risk Area defined by BIMCO and referred to in BMP4, the Lloyds Joint War Committee  have announced a change in the War Listed Areas on 10th December 2015.

The Indian Ocean / Arabian Sea / Gulf of Aden / Gulf of Oman / Southern Red Sea area is reduced on the Eastern boundary from Longitude 78º East to Longitude 65º East. The other boundaries, especially in the Gulf of Oman, remain unchanged.:

In the Red Sea: Latitude 15ºN
In the Gulf of Oman: Longitude 58ºE
Eastern limit: Longitude 65ºE
Southern limit: Latitude 12ºS

In addition, Bahrain, North East Borneo and Sulu Archipelago are deleted from the JWC Listed Areas.

Full definitions of the War Listed areas are available in the Joint War Committee circular JWLA022.  The below map is produced by Oceans Beyond Piracy and can be found here.

We anticipate the War Underwriters will advise of the inclusion of the JWLA022 Listed Areas in their policies within this week.

Interestingly, the International Maritime Bureau produces a Live Piracy Map which can be found here.  The statistics of attacks, suspected attacks and attempted boarding in the new Listed Areas are self-explanatory.

This effectively means that the Indian Ocean HRA and the Indian Ocean War listed area remain based on two different geographical areas, the latter being wider on the East, South and North extents. Assureds must be vigilant that BMP4 warranties in their K&R and War Risks policies are consistent – should you have any doubt, please contact Latitude Brokers for an expert opinion.