Saturday 5th December:

It was a blustery day when the Latitude team assembled at dawn with 34 other teams, for a 32 kms journey along the Hong Kong trail to raise money to support the Sailors’ Society.

After 3 months of training in the heat, and under blue skies, the conditions were a shocker ! But Latitude support team had been up since the early hours too, to meet us at check points and having raised HKD125,000, spirits were up definitely, with Vanessa’s ankle tightly taped, ready for the challenge.

And we did raise up to the challenge, as we completed the hike in 7 hours and 15 min, all 4 of us as a team, no one being left behind – Check out our track here.  We even picked up 4 more team members to help us to the finishing line, where we were cheered, and greated with beer by the fantastic Latitude support team !

A personal achievement for all of us, rewarded later on in the evening by the Award from the Sailors’ Society for Fundraising Champion, for raising HKD125,000 out of the HKD570,000 raised through that event ! Latitude is very very happy to have contributed to the effort of the Sailors’ Society who plays such an vital role in helping the seafarers at sea and in ports and also their families onshore.

Thank you very much to all our corporate sponsors: the NEPAWaltons & Morse,  Thomas Miller Group, TT Club, Charterers’ Club, Ironshore, UK Club,  SART, India International Insurance, Skuld, RPC, Affinity and Total Objects.

And thank you very much to all our Clients, Insurers and friends in the industry who have donated to support our effort, and contributed to the amazing work done by the Sailors’ Society.