Further to the Club’s Board meeting earlier this week, West of England has announced that they will not apply any General Increase on Advance Calls at 2017 renewal across their Owners P&I, Charterers’ Liability and FD&D entries for the second consecutive year. The Forecast Additional Call (due on or before 20 August 2018) is set at 35% of the Advance Call, and the Release Call is set at an additional 20% of the Advance Call – in line with previous years. The Rules deductibles will remain unchanged at USD11,000.00 and deductibles currently below that level will be adjusted by 10% or USD1,000, whichever is the higher.

Each individual entry will be reviewed for adjustment depending on its specific exposure and loss record.

The Club is emphasizing that any adjustment to the Advance call rate, as well as the Forecast Additional Call and Release Call are computed on the net Advance call, ie ex the cost of the GXL programme – this sets the Club apart from the other Clubs in the International Group.

With reference to the Open policy years:

2016/17: Forecast Additional Call due in August 2017 remains at 35% of Advance Call and Release Call at 20%

2015/16: Release Call is reduced to 10% of Advance Call

2014/15: Nil Release Call

Full details of the Circular for 2017/18 renewal is available on the Club’s website