The following is solely in respect of the Mutual P&I entries and excludes FD&D, fixed premium entries and charterer’s liability. The headline General Increase numbers are as follows and will be updated as each Club announces – click on each Club’s link to see the full GI announcement or use pilotfor real time data comparison:

American Club – 0% for 2018

Britannia – 0% for 2018 and USD10m return of premium

Gard – 0% for 2018

Japan – 0% for 2018 and 2016 Supplementary reduced to 10%

London – 0% for 2018

North of England – 0% for 2018

Shipowners – 0% for 2018

Skuld – (no GI applied)

Standard – 0% for 2018 and a 5% return from 2017

Steamship – 0% for 2018

Swedish – 0% for 2018

UK – 0% for 2018

West of England – 0% for 2018

We recommend that the full details of each Club’s announcement be reviewed carefully, particularly where there are returns of premium on prior years.

The GXL (Group RI programme) is currently being negotiated and any changes will be advised and passed on to Members prior to 20 February.  The market losses from US hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes, may have a meaningful impact on certain vessel classes so we recommend reviewing that aspect of terms carefully.  The headline numbers should not be taken in isolation as the comparison is not straight forward and each Member’s position needs to be reviewed carefully.

Please contact us for advice on your upcoming P&I renewal.